Governor General for a Double Double | T-Shirt

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Forget the $362,000 annual salary, the $130,000 for new clothes or all the beef Wellington you can stomach. A true hero for Canadian taxpayers would be the governor general for next to nothing. 

The feds know the governor general is wasting money like crazy. They see a new story in the papers almost every week. But they’re sitting on their hands. You can mock their inaction with this new shirt. 

Would you be the governor general for a loonie? A beer? A poutine? A double-double?

If you buy this t-shirt, you’d be sending a clear message to the feds: Canadians don’t need a governor general wasting our money like crazy.

Here are some measurements to compare it to your favourite shirt:

Sizing Chart

Size Width Laid Flat (inches) Length (inches)
S 18.25" 27.5"
M 19.75" 28.5"
L 21.25" 29.5"
XL 22.75" 30.5"
2XL 24.75" 31.5"